Aasan (Buckwheat Husk Floor Cushion)

Aasan (Buckwheat Husk Floor Cushion)

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How wonderful will it be if you can sit on the ground comfortably without any back-support? Aasan is an ergonomically designed product that provides your backbone optimum support by placing your hips on a slightly raised position as compared to your legs. An obtuse angle thus created between your legs and backbone ensures good blood flow in your legs and makes your head, back and hips come into alignment and this is what an ideal sitting posture is.

Continued usage of Aasan will help you develop a perfect meditative posture and your back-pain will also bid you a goodbye.


Why Buckwheat Husk?

Buckwheat husk cushions have been popular in Japan and many Asian countries for centuries. The unique structure of buckwheat husk results in the creation of air-pockets that allows it to organically take shape of the body-part it is in contact with. These air-pockets also allows the heat from the body part dissipate creating a feeling of coolness even after prolonged usage.    

Some of the benefits of using Buckwheat husk as a filler are-

  • 100% natural and organic
  • Organically moulds around the body part resulting in a great comfort
  • No sweat and heat even after a prolonged usage as it allows heat generated due to body contact dissipate quickly
  • Can last ten years or longer
  • Doesn’t collapse under your body weight
  • Buckwheat is considered Hypoallergic and therefore is excellent for people suffering from allergies like Asthma.


Dia- 17 inches



1.5 KG



Premium upholstery

Buckwheat Husk Filling