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Vision of UrbanBuddha is to create products with Soul. Products that transgress from being just objects to an entity that has an individuality, a character, an essence with which we as people could relate.

We believe every honest product is an entity and can have a symbiotic relationship with it’s user, eventually  becoming a part, an extension of the person himself. This relationship is very relevant in our field of Meditative products as this is very personal, intimate and important aspect of one’s life. In ancient days, our rishis and spiritual adepts used to carry these Asanas, Kamandulu and Staff with them as they believed that after repeated usage, these objects got imbued with their vibrations and thus became a part of them. The belief was that every time they sat of their asana, their spiritual journey resumed from their last session, thus forming an unbroken chain of such sessions resulting in continued, unimpeded spiritual progress.

We are a team of passionate designers & experienced manufactures with years of Meditation experience as aspirants and trainers. We are committed for creating well researched, ergonomic and economical products for modern day Meditators.